Pastor's Updates

Pastor's Updates 

April was filled with many ministry opportunities as usual. We had quite a few bike blessings and some new members joined the church. We also had Daena and Sheila patched out in the COL. We also had some sad times as a brother and sister lost their child. We attended the celebration of this young mans life. Our facebook page busted 1,000 likes! Easter was awesome for all who knows the SON. I had a blast in East Texas during the Ressurrection Sunday but we still had some minister duties to tend to throughout the weekend. They will be in the next issue of our church rag. Church campout was awesome and you can see lots and lots of pictures of the event on our facebook page.

It seems to get harder and harder to keep this coulmn updated as we are always updating facebook from the android as things happen. Almost like "real time" updates there.  I would encourage everyone to check us out on facebook for daily activites!

3/22/2014- (Sat) We had a blast with the Dixie Melody Boys at our church! Check out the link and see!

3/21/2014- (Fri) The Lord brought in a crowd to watch our monthly free movie. This month is was "Me Again" and it will make you think about what you got and thank God for those blessings. Amen.

3/19/2014- (Wed) The Easter Experience Bible Study started at 6:30 and we had a good turnout that was hungry for God! We had a great time in the powerful study series.

3/16/2014- (Sun) The Lord brought in over 70 souls for HIS service this morning and HE anointed the message, "Paying Attention?, You Have a Battle Buddy?, What Is In Your B-Bag?" Afterwards, we had soem awesome fellowship with a potluck and then at 1PM kicked off our monthly Chariots of Light meeting. At 3:15, Tammy, Ethan and I met Barbara and Katie and followed them to a wedding party. The wedding started at 4PM and was a beautiful wedding indeed! Then at 6PM we had another gathering of the saints to dive in to the Bible Study called God's Armor Bearer. What a day!

3/15/2014- (Sat) The H2HBC had nearly a dozen members at the Belton Trade Days for their monthly outreach. The blood bought saints handed out free ice water, hot coffee and tracts on the three things that God can NOT do! Even though the day was cut real short due to a downpour, nearly 200 tracts was handed out to the local residents! There was also sic (6) church members that attended a benefit at the 36 Junction hosted by the Posse LEMC letting their lights shine.

3/12/2014- (Wed) The Lord brought in over 20 souls for our Bible Study, The Easter Experience. What an experience it is!

3/9/2014- (Sun) What a blessed day! We had two rededications for God's Glory this morning and then a bike blessing over Dennis and his new iron horse! Then the Lord brought in 60 plus souls for the service at Dave's Sports Bar which had a anointing beyond words! Many wounded soldiers on the spiritual battlefield received prayer!

2/19/2014- (Wed) We had four bikes and three cages meet at the Presbyrterian Church across the street from my house and head out for Waco at 5:30PM! We picked up two more cages at the Brookshires parking lot in McGregor and arrived at the Waco civic center about 6:20, giving us plenty of time to visit with each other as well as Pastors Billy anmd Gail Sanders. We had twenty souls at the event to listen to Brother Jerry Savelle. We didn't get back home and in the bed till after midnight but it was a blessing to listen to the anointed man of God again. (Would have been nice if he had been given the platform at 7PM but oh well.)

2/16/2014- (Sun) What another busy day for the Lord! We started off with 85 souls missing Chuck for our Music but God still anpointed the service and many were changed! The fellowship and food afterwards was awesome and then we had two anointings at our monthly COL Meeting. The grand finale for the day was the Teen Challenge Band playing as well as giving serious testimonies! Whoot!!!!

2/15/2014- (Sat) What a busy day for the Lord! We had servants meet at 6AM for the Belton Trade Days Outreach while other servants got together and set up the sanctuary for the Valentine's Diner!

2/12/2014- (Wed)
The Lord brought in his eager and hungry soldiers for another spiritual meal! It was a topic study on Anger and boy did it get started off right with the teacher being stuck in traffic and late for the calss!  (LOL) We serve an awesome God! Next week we will NOT be having Bible Study because we will be going to see Jerry Savelle!  Whoot!

2/11/2014- (Tue) I dropped in to see Joe. He is in really good spirits and we had a good visit!

2/9/2014- (Sun) The Lord squeezed 80 souls into the church for HIS service. I gave the message on Improving Your Serve - Checking Your Shape! Many were touched and then we had a great turnout (over 80 souls) at the Dave's Sports Bar for our monthly service there. My brother in Christ, Joel Lytle, gave a short and powerful sermon as well and many left with their Gideon Bibles marked up.

2/8/2014- (Sat) After the funeral for Vance, we took the motor home for a short road test to McGregor and topped off the propane and then parked at the Faunt Le Roy park for the night!

2/6/2014- (Thu) I met with the family of Vance Freeman and had a pretty good visit, considering the subject was Vance's funeral. It is a blessing to be able to be a blessing to folks that are hurting.

2/5/2014- (Wed) The Lord brought in some hungry souls for our Bible Study on "Love".

2/2/2014- (Sun) The Lord brought in nearly fifty souls for HIS service. The message "Improving Your Serve - Becoming a Servant" hit home for many and brought one salvation in for HIS Glory! We serve an awesome God. The Tunin' Spokes was another great time with nearly fifty souls also! The food and fellowship was good and the singing together was awesome!

2/1/2014- (Sat) We had four (4) servants (Dennis, Randal, Tammy and Me) meet at the church to repair the men's bathroom and get the sanctuary ready for tomorrow. 

1/31/2014- (Fri)
The Lord brought in nearly 50 souls for the Blackwood Quartet Concert. We had a blast in fellowship and enjoyed having the Blackwood Quartet back again this year!

1/26/2014- (Sun) Wow! The LORD brought in 80 souls for HIS service and the message "His Sheep His His Voice" and then we had just under 100 at the Meadows for the Nursing Home visit!  Then later in the day we all linked up and went to McGregor for a late lunch and then went to Woodway Baptist to see Tim Hawkins in Concert! What a blast!

1/24/2014- (Fri) We had a meeting at The Blessings Ministry and it is awesome how many servants God had brought to the H2HBC! The much needed ministry in this community will continue, thanks to HIS servants.

1/23/2014- (Thu) We had our closing on the property! The paperwork is done and we are officially buying the church property now. We serve an awesome God.

1/19/2014- (Sun) The Lord brought in over 80 souls for HIS message that was given to us from a special guest speaker and friend in Christ, Brother Jim! We also had great fellowship after church with some good food and then we had nearly 100% participation at our COL meeting.

1/18/2014- (Sat) We had many servants show up for the Belton Trade Days Ministry outreach.

1/12/2014-  (Sun) The Lord brought in over 80 souls for HIS service and the message "Do You Worship" touched many!

11/7/2013- (Thu) We had nearly half a dozen souls attend the celebration of Zina's life.

11/6/2013- (Wed) Again, the Lord brought in just over 20 souls for HIS bible study.

11/3/2013- (Sun) The Lord brought in 75 souls for HIS message again. Many left changed after hearing about LOVE which is one of the 9 Secrets to Healthy Relationships. Then the Lord brought back almost 40 souls for the Tunin' Spokes.

10/30/2013- (Wed) The Lord brought in nearly 20 souls for the Bible Study and we all left chewing on a good word from God.

10/27/2013- (Sun) Today, the Lord brought in nearly 60 souls as we began our series on "The 9 Secrets of Healthy Relationships".  Many left changed again as they received the word with open hearts.

10/26/2013- (Sat) We had some folks go to the Grove for their 2nd annual support the troops benefit. Then later in the evening, we had lots and lots of folks help out with the Boozaar!

10/23/2013- (Wed) I had an interview with the local KPLE-TV station in reference to my book. We had over 20 souls that the Lord brought in for his Bible Study.

10/20/2013- (Sun) Randal gave the message on "Bitterness" while the Van Horn's headed back to Gatesville in time for the Chariots of Light meeting at Dairy Queen.

10/19/2013- (Sat) The book signing was another success and I got to meet another author while there!

10/17/2013- (Thu) We headed to East Texas after a half a day at work. Going to have a book signing in Kilgore this week end.

10/16/2013- (Wed) We had our Skype interview with Pilgrim Studios. It just didn't seem like this was something we should continue to entertain.

10/13/2013- (Sun) We had almost 60 souls at church and many left changed, after hearing the message "Are you a Lamp?" One lost soul joined the body of Christ! Then we had 31 souls at the service at Dave's Sports Bar and Grill.

10/12/2013- (Sat) I had my first book signing at the local Dairy Queen and it was awesome! Praise the Lord for my church family and friends that came out to show support for this new chapter in my life!

10/10/2013- (Thu) Ok, Pilgrim Studios called me back and they are serious!  Wow, a show about the Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church! Really! Ok, God whatever you want.....Just think about the outreach possiblities there!
10/9/2013- (Wed)
We had our usual crowd for Bible study. After Bible study, I shared with them the message from Pilgrim Studios and told them I figured he wouldn't be calling back. (I said he was probably drinking at the local pub, came across our youtube video, called me and then woke up the next morning shaking his about the message I left.)

10/8/2013- (Tue) I took the day off and helped Randal and Rebekah get a huge trailer load of much needed building supplies. I also gave a class to Trish on the tractor. Going to miss the ole' work horse! I also received a phone call from PilgrimStudios interested in doing a TV show about Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church. I called back and left a message, don;t really expect them to call us back.

10/7/2013- (Mon) After work, Randal and Rebekah met me, Tammy and Ethan at the farm to get the last of the big stuff as closing for Van Horn Acres is just around the corner. It is a sweet and sour for me and I am very fond of the property. God knows what HE is doing and the way he brought the sale together makes it clear HE is in control!

10/4/2013 - 10/6/2013- What a beautiful week end the Lord blessed us with for our camp out! The Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church FALL CAMP OUT was a Huge success. Then on the 6th we all went to church and God anointed the message "Ye Are The Salt of the Earth!"  The Lord brought one lost soul into his fold, Praise the Lord!

10/3/2013- (Thu) Due to the governement shut down, we decided to meet at the Faunt Le Roy park Friday for our fall camp out. The olice had looked at the schedule wrong and told us we couldn't stay and then called back AFTER sending out a global text, that they were wrong. MASS Confusion!  LOL, it is all good and we will be camping out tomorrow!

10/2/2013- (Wed) We had a wonderful time in fellowship and in the word of God as we met for our weekly Bible study. Many stayed afterwards and talked about the upcoming Church camp out!

9/29/2013- (Sun) God anointed the message "Surprise Inside."

9/28/2013- (Sat)
It was a great Day out with Thomas. We got back home just as it started raining.

9/27/2013- (Fri) We picked up Rylan so he could go with us to Day out with Thomas tomorrow. The book rating actually reached the top 134,000 mark! Wow!  You go God!

9/26/2013- (Thu)  The shock on my face was priceless when the book dropped below 1 million on amazon! That may not sound like a big deal, but to have your book in the top 1 million in the first 30 days is a God thing for sure! The first printed ad doesn't go out until November so that sales rating is from the word of mouth!  Thank you Jesus!

9/25/2013- (Wed) Once again, the church family had a great time in the word in the weekly Bible study.

9/22/2013- (Sun) The message was brought to us from God through Dustin who made it clear if only Just One!  After the church service we had our monthly visit to The Meadows.  Then Tammy and I met Dustin and Deana for a ride.  I asked them if they would like to ride to Hico for ice cream and they said they had all day! We stopped on 317 for Ethan to wave at some trains going by and I said, "What about Babe's in Granbury for chicken fried steak?" Deana said, "That would be awesome!" The couple looked at me funny after the 100 plus mile ride, "Uh, pastor, uh I think Deana was just kidding...." LOL The chicken fried steak was awesome!
9/15/2013- (Sun) All the Chariots decided to return back to Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church and surprise Marc. We had spent the week end at Crowly for the "COL Rally in Crowley".  Marc George gave the anointed message on Anger Management.   After church we went to the local DQ for some fellowship even though we didn't have our monthly meeting there. I also confirmed the upcoming book signing with the manager again. I also got to sign the book for Marc and Kerie George.

9/8/2013- (Sun) I gave the message on picking up the fragments. God will use the fragments if we will let him.

9/1/2013- (Sun) Randal gave the message on forgiveness.  Tammy and I were at Jellystone Park in Tyler along with Dustin and Deana Connell celebrating the girls birthdays! It was a much needed break and we are looking forward to it again!

8/25/2013- (Sun) Wow!  God brought in 60 souls for HIS service again and afterwards we had a great time in fellowship as we broke bread together!  Many approcahed me and said that the message, "Be Patient" touched them personally!  Yes, God anointed the message again!  Then we had nearly 30 souls go across the street to visit and minister to the residents of The Meadows.  They had 30 souls or more than attended our little gathering!  They loved having us and kept asking, "You really will come back?  Right?"  So preacious and what  a blessing to be a blessing.

8/21/2013- (Wed) We had our first study in a new series, this one on making Biblically Sound Decisions!  It was very good and all who attended received a powerful word from God.

8/18/2013- (Sun) The Lord brought in over 50 souls again for HIS service!  The message "Making Biblically Sound Decisions" was anointed of God and many were touched.  and then we had nearly 100% attendance for the Chariots of Light meeting at Dairy Queen.  We took a ride out to see Dennis' motorhome and it is coming along really well!  Then we took our motorhome for a road test and checked the repair job, it was all still intact!  Praise the Lord.  Also took a side trip to the local TSC to order a mini-Baha for Ethan. 

8/16/2013- (Fri) We had 28 souls get together for our monthly movie night at the church!  We had a blast watching Revelation Road part two!  Who-Hoo!

8/14/2013- (Wed) We had a great finale on the Bible study series "gods at war" tonight.  Everyone is looking forward to Friday night movie night too!

8/13/2013- (Tue) Got the first coat of the rubber roof on today!  The ole RV is looking good!  Ethan is glad to know she is almost ready for the trip to Jellystone Park!

8/12/2012- (Mon) As soon as I got home, I started working on the motorhome.  The repair is complete and I cleaned the roof for preparation to receive a new coat of rubber.  Tomorrow I will give her the first coat of rubber roof.

8/11/2013- (Sun) Another great Sunday!  Today was our monthly fellowship breakfast at 9:30 and then the H2HBC service from 11-12.  God's anointing brought an awesome message, the last in a series on gods at war, this one being the "god of me"!  Then we rode to Dave's Sportsbar for our monthly church service there.  The Lord again anointed the message "You've Got Mail" and over twenty (20) people came forward making a commitment to tell someone else about their Lord, Jesus Christ!  What an awesome day, Amen?  Then after the service at Dave's, Dustin and Deana came to our house and helped me put the motorhome back together.  I needed a second person to help cut the paneling and install the window.  We got the biggest part of the assembly back together, I should be able to finish tomorrow.

8/10/2013- (Sat) Today was a long one. We jumped in the saddle this morning for a ride to Killeen Whataburger to hook up with Dustin and Deana, fellow Chariots and CMA'ers where we broke bread and the rode to Temple for Melvin Laws memorial. After the memorial we rode straight to Scotts funeral home in Gatesville for another funeral where we had Three Chariots and about half a dozen church family attending. We had 25 bikes escort to the cemetery. Now, working on a couple sermons for tomorrow. Dave's Sportsbar tomorrow!

8/4/2013- (Sun)  The Lord, one again, squeezed in just under 60 souls for the morning service.  The Lord anointed the messade "gods of Love" and we had one salvation for God's Glory!  Then we had 40 souls give or take a couple souls for Tunin' Spokes Sunday evening.  Just having fun with the church family!

7/29/2013- (Sun) The Lord brought in nearly 60 souls for HIS service this morning and it was an awesome movement of God as he anointed the message "gods of success."  Then we had a great time at our monthly fellowship meal afterward.  Then, with full stomachs, we made our way across the street to the Meadows Nursing Home to minister to the residents there.

7/25/2013- (Thu) Tammy, Ethan and I attended a funeral for our very young cousin of only 31 years.  We enjoyed the fellowship afterwards with family and then drove back home.

7/24/2013- (Wed) Once again, Praise the Lord for his obedient servants!  We drove to Matador as Randal gave the Bible study!  I hear it was a good study too!  Amen!  We will be attending the funeral for Tammy's cousin, Casey Lawrence tomorrow.

7/21/2013- (Sun) The Lord brought in over fifty souls as HIS usual, and we had a very powerful service that God anointed.  The music prepared their hearts and then "gods of pleasure" touched everyone that came expecting change!  We had one (1) salvation for God's glory and many decisions to eliminate the love seat on their hearts and give the throne of their heart to God!  Amen!

7/19/2013- (Fri)  The sanctuary air conditioner blower wasn't working and at 86 degrees we decided that we had to cancel the movie night.  We did however, meet in the fellowship hall at about 7PM to surprise Barbara and tell her happy birthday.

7/17/2013- (Wed)  The Lord brought HIS children in for part two of the awesome series "gods at war" Bible study.  It was a powerful study again and the folks shared how it is changing their lives.  God is Good!  Can't wait till Friday for the movie!

7/14/2013- (Sun) We had another great church service after our monthly fellowship breakfast.  This week the message was part two of "gods at war".  Boy did it move many.  Thank you Jesus.  Then after church we headed to Dave's Sports Bar and Grill for our monthly church service there.  Had an awesome turnout there and the harvest was ripe!  Our brother Lessley from the Gideons gave out 30 Bibles!  Praise the Lord.

7/10/2013- (Wed) We had our first lesson on "gods at war" and it was a very good lesson!  This will be another life changing Bible Study!

7/7/2013- (Sun)  The Lord anointed the message this morning and so many souls were touched.  It was the first sermon in the series "gods at war." Praise the Lord.  Thyen, we had an awesome time at our Tunin' Spokes!  Just having too much fun.

7/5/2013- (Fri) The church family had just under 30 souls meet at Dairy Queen to say Farewell the Lewis family and Happy Birthday to Jennifer as well.   

7/4/2013- (Thu)
The Lord brought in over 20 souls from the church family to watch the parade again this year.  We had a wonderful time!  We sent in the final draft of the book to xulon for their final editing.  They should be done in four weeks or less.

6/30/2013- (Sun) Dustin gave the message today!  Did I mention that I thank God daily for HIS providing of the true servants to H2HBC?

6/23/2013 - 6/30/2013 The Van Horn's took a much needed family vacation!  It was a "two fold" purpose break.  Monty had made a deadline goal of 1 July to get his book, "A Biker-Soldier's Journey" submitted as well as the family wanted to just "get away".  They spent the entire week at Jellystpone Park in Tyler!

6/23/2013- (Sun) 
Another armor bearer of H2HBC, Randal Haferkamp, gave the message this morning.  After the message Tammy, Ethan and I headed to East Texas for Jellystone Park. I thank God for the true armor bearers that HE has brought to H2HBC!  Julie spearheaded a visit to the local nursing home across the street!! 

6/16/2013- (Sun) I preached the message "Dad's are a Big Deal"

6/10/2013- (Mon)
Well, the Biker Bash 2013 (Link has over 600 pictures from the awesome event!) is over and it was a huge success!  There were 124 decisions for Christ for the whole weekend!  There were no first time salvations but there were numerous (we don't know how many) re-dedications to Jesus.  Everyone had lots of fun and we are all looking forward to next year!  nearly all the vendors said they want to come back too!

6/9/2013- (Sun) I preached the message "Give God the Eraser"

5/11/2013- (Sat)
We had a blast at Chuck E. Cheese!  Ethan really enjoyed his Birthday party! 

5/10/2013- (Fri) The Lord brought in 17 souls for the special movie night and we watched "Finding Normal".  It was a very good movie!

5/8/2013- (Wed) The Lord brought in 18 souls (9 Chariots) for HIS Bible Study and it was awesome. 

5/7/2013- (Tue)  At about 1055 hours the extreme riders showed up at the Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church to pray over the folks and the church.  Bishop Bob Jaynes laid hands on and prayed for me, it was powerful!  Then that evening we had 13 souls from the church (6 Chariots) attend the Copperas Cove City Council meeting and witnessed politics at its worst.  After eight months, the council killed the "Do You See me Now?" program for motorcyle awareness.

5/6/2013- (Mon) I dropped in at the Pucciariello's for their weekly Bible Study on God's Armor Bearer and another visitor dropped in also making a party of seven (7) total.

5/5/2013- (Sun)  Another first Sunday of the month!  The Lord brought in 60 souls for his service!  I gave the message "Remaining Steadfast."  Then the Lord brought in nearly 30 souls this evening for the Tunin' Spokes.  We had a great meal adn awesome fellowship as well as a good time lifting up our voices to the Lord. 

5/4/2013- (Sat)  We headed out with the bike still in tow at abotu 1130AM.  We stopped at pete's and got a full tank of propane for the road and then took John out to eat at Juicys!  We got back to Gatesville at a bit past 7PM.  We were whooped but had a blast!

5/3/2013- (Fri) Margie got site 215 at Bruchy Creek!  Alright!  We headed over there and had a great time visiting with the family!  Pete come by and visited as well as took me over to check out his hunting spot not but about 15 minutes away!  It was a very relaxing time visiting with the family but it stayed cold!

5/2/2013- (Thu)  Tammy, Ethan and I headed to East Texas in the motorhome and the bike in tow.  We arrived to Johnson Creek campgrounds to a chilly 40 degrees and a misting rain!  Then it rained all night long!  Thank God for the motor home and the full tank of propane!

5/1/2013- (Wed) we cancelled Bible Study so we could all meet at the Pizza Hut for the Relay for Life benefit.  The benefit raised just under a $100 for the Relay for Life.

4/28/2013- (Sun) We had a CMA service along with the Run for the Son Presentation and it was awesome!

4/27/2013- (Sat)  The Lord blessed us with a wonderful day!  We had seven (7) baptisms and a great time doing the bike games as well as I gave a service called, "Get over it"  Then after the service we handed out the trophies!

4/26/2013- (Fri) Dustin, Deana, Tammy, Monty and Ethan too Tiny to Temple to see mom.  Marty and Elesha followed us.  We didn't get to see her becasue she was have a procedure done so we dropped off the present Marty had brought and left a little love note.

4/25/2013- (Thu) Got to Tonkawa Park early and set up.  Dustin and Deana came in early too!  Mike and Kathy Christy also came on in and set up camp too.  Dustin and Monty checked out the club house and public bathrooms.  Marty and Elesha showed up and visited for a little while before heading to the local hotel.  Everything was in order and ready for the church camp out!

4/24/2013- (Wed) We had an awesome Bible Study!  The Bait of Satan is a must for everyone!

4/22/2013- (Mon) We had four souls (2 Chariots) at the weekly Bible study.  It was a good time of fellowship and we learned from each other while discussing how to be better Armor Bearers for each other and our Pastor.

4/21/2013- (Sun) The Lord brought in 77 souls (13 Chariots) for his weekly service at H2HBC.  After the service we had our monthly fellowship meal and then at 1PM started our monthly COL meeting.  The climax of the day was Pastor Billy, our Southwest Chapter President anointing our two newest members!  Rebekah and Barry.

4/20/2013- (Sat) We had seven (7) souls visit with my mother.  She is still at Scott and White but getting better, praise the Lord.  After visiting, we prayed with mom and then went for a bite to eat.

4/19/2013- (Fri) Randal was able to ride down to Killeen and join the escort for Luis' Father's funeral.  He joined four more Chariots from Copperas Cove.

4/18/2013- (Thu) Chuck and I rode down to the UCOW meeting in Killeen.

4/17/2013- (Wed) The Lord brought in 13 souls for his Bible Study. 

4/16/2013- (Tue) Dustin and I attended the "Do You See Me Now?" meeting with the Copperas Cove city council.  Thirty-one (31) people took turns speaking on behalf of the program asking the city to approve putting the signs up.  After the meeting we joins three more church members at Lil Tex.

4/15/2013- (Mon) The God's Armor Bearer Bible Study had five folks attend.  Mom had surgery again! 

4/14/2013- (Sun) We had about 30 souls for our monthly fellowship breakfast and then nearly 60 souls for the church service.  After church Tammy and I went to the wedding.  There was over 70 folks at the wedding and the Lord brought in 30 or more at Daves' Sports Bar also.  Then we visited with mom at the hospital.

4/13/2013- (Sat)  Day started off with a 911 call for mom.  We had eleven (11) souls meet at H2HBC for the Jericho V Ride.  I said a prayer over the group before they left and then back to the emergency room to be with mom.  The Jericho V Ride was a great success!  We all met for lunch at J & M's BBQ and then went back to hospital while some folks went to the Essayons "Whisper" benefit.  We also had a wedding rehearsal and attended Jillian's 19th Birthday. 

4/12/2013- (Fri)
The Lord brought in 29 souls for the movie night!  We watched The Revelation Road and it was awesome, except it is a "to be continued" movie that left us all hanging!

4/11/2013- (Thu) The ladies had their last session of "Jesus the One and Only."  Brought mom home from the hospital.

4/10/2013- (Wed) The Lord brought in 18 souls for The Bait of Satan Bible Study.  A very good study series indeed.

4/7/2013- (Sun) Tammy and I headed to Scott and White as mom had taken a turn for the worse.  Dustin gave a great message with the Lord bringing in 53 souls for the word.  Lives were changed for those that came expecting.  Then we had over 30 souls for our monthly Tunin' Spokes!  God is awesome

4/6/2013- (Sat)  The church had folks participate in the Relay for Life Bake Sale!  We raised over $260 for the cause!  Amen?  We also had folks go to the Grove for Lois' welcome back and birthday party.  Tammy and I also made a trip to Lampasas and picked up the church clock that was custom made for us!  It is awesome.

4/4/2013- (Thu) Five of the ladies from the womens Bible Study went out for a "ladies night out" and had a blast!  Next week will be the last session of "Jesus the One and Only".

4/3/2012- (Wed) We had a great start to the Bait of Satan series!  Nearly 20 souls came together to meditate on God's word and fellowship!

4/1/2013- (Mon) God's Armor Bearer Bible study was another great time of fellowship and learning.

3/31/2013- (Sun) The Lord brought in 87 souls for HIS Easter Service.  We had a great message with the resurrection eggs again this year and then 18 children hunted for almost 1,000 eggs!  Wow!  Lots of fun.

3/30/2013- (Sat)  Mom came through the surgery with flying colors!  They removed an ovary that was wrapped around her intestines causing lots of problems!  Randal, Dennis, Tammy, Ethan and I went to IHOP for breakfast as it was now after 4 in the morning.  Got back home and layed down for a nap at 7AM .  We visited with mom again at noon time and found Barbara and Katie there visiting with her already.  Then Dustin and Deana came in as well.  We visited for a few minutes said a prayer and then Tammy, Ethan and I met Barbara and Katie at the Long John Silvers for some fellowship!  Cliff came over to the house and we changed his front and rear brakes on his scooter then a short road test!  One exhausting day to say the least.

3/29/2013- (Fri) Dustin and I met over at Chuck's place to change the tires on Dustin's scooter.  We got the front tire replaced and had the rear wheel off when I realized we hadn't taken any pictures!  So I rode back over to the house to get the camera.  Mom was in extreme pain and I called 911.  She was still in the ER when I went to the church for our movie night!  The Lord brought in nearly 20 souls for the movie The Easter Experience.  We had two (2) rededications for God's glory!  Amen!  Mom was tranferred to Scott and White and ended up having emergency surgery.

3/28/2013- (Thu)  The women's Bible study is approaching its end.  The ladies decided that next week they will have a "women's night out" and do their last session the following week.  They are obviously enjoying the fellowship!

3/27/2013- (Wed)  We had twenty (20) souls at the final lesson on The Easter Experience!  It was an awesome conclusion and everyone that came expecting to be changed has indeed been changed by this study!

3/25/2013- (Mon) The Lord brought in ten (10) souls for the first lesson in God's Armor Bearer 1 & 2.  The small group is full!  That in itself is a blessing.  The group had awesome fellowship and reaped some good lessons from God's word.

3/24/2013- (Sun) The Lord brought in over 50 souls again for HIS service.  After church we had 20 souls meet at Andy's and break bread together.  God is so good!

3/23/2013- (Sat)  We had four (4) Chariots along with Ethan meet at the Hooters in Killeen for the Ride for a Child benefit.  They had a good turn out and the ride was awesome!  I hooked up with our CCC brothers and rode with them.  We had two bike blessings too!  God is great!

3/21/2013- (Thu) The ladies Bible study went great!  Jesus the One and Only has really changed some folks.

3/20/2013- (Wed)  The Lord brought in 19 souls for The Easter Experience Bible Study!  It was awesome. 

3/17/2013- (Sun)
The Lord brought in 65 souls for HIS message.  He anointed the music and message and two little ones came to know Jesus!  Amen.  After the service we had great time fo fellowship and then our monthly Chariots of Light meeting. 

3/13/2012- (Wed) The Lord brought in 20 souls for The Easter Experience Bible Study!  We had an awesome time but everyone cried too!  Its rough seeing what Jesus went through because he loves us!

3/11/2013- (Mon) The Lord brought in all nine (9) armor bearers for the final session of God's Armor Bearer, Running with your Pastor's Vision.

3/10/2013- (Sun) We had over 20 souls for our monthly fellowship breakfast.  Then the Lord brought in nearly 50 sould for HIS service.  The music and message was annointed and brought six drowning souls from the depths of the raging river of life, safely to the bank of Grace and Mercy!  Then we headed to Dave's Sports Bar and Grill for our monthly church service there.  The Lord brought in over 30 souls for that service and again annointed the service bringing four more drowning souls to HIS banks.  Amen!

3/9/2013- (Sat)  We had a servant of God drop in on Melvin at the Senior Care Nursing Facility in Hewitt.  The visit and prayer was appreciated for sure. 

3/7/2013- (Thu) 
The women's Bible study on "Jesus the One and Only" had four souls gather at the Davis' home and they all had a great time in the word and were touched by the Beth Moore video!

3/6/2013- (Wed)  The Lord brought in 16 souls to participate in the Easter Experience Bible Study!

3/5/2013- (Tue) We had four souls meet at the Killeen Fuddruckers and surprise the Warriors of the Way.  We attended their monthly meeting and had a chance to fellowship with some like minded brothers and sisters!

3/4/2013- (Mon)  The Lord brought eight of his servants together for the God's Armor Bearer #3 Bible study!

3/3/2012- (Sun)  The Lord brought in nearly 60 souls for HIS service.  Then afterwards we had a bike blessing and a fellwoship ride to the Rock Church and then on to Horny Toad Cafe for some grub!  What an awesome day in fellowship!

3/2/2013- (Sat) Tammy, Ethan and I dropped in and visited with Melvin.  Keep praying for God's touch!  He needs to be lifted up for strength and courage to fight durnig this rehabilitation period!

2/28/2013- (Thu)  The ladies had four souls get together for another session of Jesus the One and Only series by Beth Moore. 

2/27/2013- (Wed) 
The Lord brought in 27 souls for HIS Bible Study. We went over the second part of The Easter Experience and it was awesome!

2/26/2013- (Tue) Some of the church ladies went to The Connell's for a tupperware party and I got to drive them there.  Dustin, Ethan and I escaped to a place for a bite to eat while the girls did their thing.

2/25/2013- (Mon)  The Lord brought in all nine (9) members for the God's Armor Bearer #3, Following Your Pastor's Vision Bible Study!  This has been a very good study and really enhances what we learned in God's Armor Bearer 1 and 2.

2/24/2013- (Sun)  The Lord brought in 65 souls for HIS message this Sunday.  He anointed the music and message!  We serve an awesome God!  The Lord brought 1 forward for salvation and 10 souls to their knees to make a commitment to Jesus and ask him to CHANGE them.  Yes, we serve an awesome God!

2/23/2013- (Sat) Tammy, Ethan and I went to see Larry and Michele at the hospital.  Suonds like the doctors will be releasing him soon!  We are all claiming 100% helaing in Jesus name!  While we were there we got to visit with Marcia, Beth and Tom as well.  Some of the church folks went to the Oglesby Rattlesnake Roundup and had some fun too!

2/22/2013- (Fri) The Relay for Life concert was cancelled so it was a "day off." 

2/21/2013- (Thu)
The Women's Bile Study once again had a good turnout!  They had a great study and awesome fellowship!  Jesus the One and Only by Beth Moore has really opened their eyes.

2/20/2013- (Wed) The Lord brought in 19 souls for the first session of The Easter Experience.  It was a powerful Bible Study and all taht came expecting, received a blessing and a word from God!

2/19/2013- (Tue)  Dropped in to see Larry and Michele after work.  He is doing better and better.  The doctors are confused.  Praise the Lord!

2/18/2013- (Mon) We had eight of the nine sould show up for another session of God's Armor Bearer #3, Following your Pastor's Vision.  Barbara had to work but made sure we sent the "homework" with Katie for her.  God is good.

2/17/2013- (Sun)  The Lord brought in over 50 souls for HIS service.  There was one salvation during the praise and worship and three rededications after the message.  We serve an awesome God!

2/16/2013- (Sat) We had 35 souls for the Valentine Dinner.  We all had a great time in fellowship while we broke bread together!  Plenty of pictures on the church facebook page!

2/15/2013- (Fri)  The Lord brought a few servants together to get some things set up for the Valentine Dinner tomorrow.

2/14/2013- (Thu) The women had another good night of fellowship during their women's Bible Study.

2/13/2013- (Wed)  The Lord brought in 19 souls for the finsal session of the six week series of Not a fan of Jesus!  Every person gave testimony at how this series has changed their lives.  God is awesome.

2/12/2013- (Tue) I went to Scott and White to see Larry.  He is doing really good and in great spirits!  May be going to rehab real soon!  God is good!

2/11/2013- (Mon)  Made the Biker Bash 2013 official with church family!  Everyone is excited.  Amen!  I dropped in at Faunt Le Roy and visited with Hero and his wife again.  They are heading out tomorrow for home.  We had 100% attendance at teh God's Armor Bearer #3 Bible Study!  God is good!

2/10/2013- (Sun) The Lord brought in over 30 souls for our monthly fellowship breakfast!  Then we had just under 40 at teh service.  Over 20 souls made a decision to be followers of Jesus from now on and Not a Fan of Jesus!  Amen?  Then we had over 40 souls that the Lord brought in to Dave's Sports Bar for the monthly church service there.  God prepared their hearts and we had 8 decisions for Christ with one being a first time salvation!  We serve an awesome God!  I received a call that Hero and his wife were coming through Gatesville and going to stop at Faunt Le Roy for the night.  Tammy, Ethan and I took them supper from the local DQ and we visited.  The fellowship was awesome and the conversation eventually came around to the June Biker Bash.  I had decided that we were not going to have one this year but God spanked me hard through Hero!  Thank you Lord and I am so sorry for not listening sooner!

2/9/2013- (Sat) Tammy, Ethan and I went to Scott and White to see Larry and Michele.  We had a great visit and Larry is in good spirits.  He is giving everyone his tesimony!  We also had four members join the Warriors of the Way on a fellowship ride.  God is good.

2/8/2013- (Fri) We had nearly 30 souls for the monthly Free Church Movie Night!  We watched "In the Blink of an Eye"!  It was awesome!

2/7/2013- (Thu) We had over a dozen members attend the going away celebration for little Alyssa.  She is no longer in any pain.  She is singnig praises with Jesus!  Three ladies still met afterwards for the weekly Women's Bible Study too.

2/6/2013- (Wed) The Lord brought in nearly 20 souls again for the Not a Fan of Jesus Bible Study!  What a life changing experience this study and sermon series has been!

2/5/2013- (Tue) We had a couple servants take a used dryer to the Humble House in Temple, and Monty visited with Larry in the hospital. 

2/4/2013- (Mon) 
We had another session on God's Armor Bearer #3 Running with Your Pastor's Vision!  We are all being changed by this study!  God is good.

2/3/2013- (Sun)  The Lord brought in 45 souls for HIS service!  There was one rededication for God's glory!  I have known the lady for quite a few years and she had been struggling for the past year!  Praise God she has submitted to HIM and is starting her life NEW!  We serve an awesome God!  Then the Lord brought in over 30 souls for our monthly Tunin' Spokes.  We had over two hours of great food, awesome fellowship and powerful praising and worshipping our Lord! 

2/1/2013- (Fri) I went to Alyssa's home to meet Julie and the two of us prayed with Alyssa.  It looks like Jesus is going to take her home.  We had the Blackwood Quartet at the church and the Lord brought in 42 souls for some great praise and worship.

1/30/2013- (Wed) The Lord brought in 15 souls for HIS Bible Study.  We had some awesome discussion and fellowhsip during the Bible Study.

1/29/2013- (Tue) Tammy, Ethan and I attended the funeral for Bill "Whisper" Walker.

1/28/2013- (Mon) We had six souls attend the viewing for Bill "Whisper" Walker at the Agape Christian Center in Belton.

1/27/2013- (Sun)  The Lord brought in nearly 50 souls again for HIS service and many were touched by the anointed music and the message, "Comfortable Cross" part four of the Not a Fan series.

1/24/2013- (Thu)  The womens Bible Study met again at Barbara and Katie's home for "Jesus The One and Only." 

1/23/2013 (Wed) I arrived at Bible Study just in time as I went to the hospital first to see Larry.  We had another great Bible Study in the Not a Fan series!  Can't wait until next Wednesday!

1/20/2013- (Sun)  The Lord brought in over 50 souls for HIS service this Sunday.  The music was anointed along with the message "Not a Fan Part #3" and many were at the altar with God as well kneeling at their seats in prayer during the invitation.  Afterwards we had a nice fellowship meal and then a bike and car blessing!  God is good! 


1/19/2013- (Sat) We had six folks from the church ride to Temple to visit with Wally.  He is in good spirits and will be having surgery on his ankle Monday, good Lord willling.

1/18/2013- (Fri)  The Lord brought in 25 souls for movie night at the church.  We had a good time in fellowship and the movie was awesome!  Already looking forward to next month.

1/16/2013- (Wed)  The Lord had 16 of his children gather together at H2HBC for the second lesson of a six part series of Not a Fan.  It was another good Bible Study and everyone is looking forward to part three!

1/15/2013- (Tue)  Monty rode down to the Scott's Funeral Home in Copperas Cove to pay respects to Vulture and his family for the visitation of his mother.  It was a cold ride but things warmed up when Toolz pulled up next to him. LOL

1/13/2013- (Sun)  The Lord brought 30 souls together for our monthly fellowship breakfast!  We all had a great time sharing with one another and breaking bread together.  Then we had our regular service.  The Lord brought in over a dozen more souls for the service.  This week we heard part two of Not a Fan of Jesus!  There was twelve (12) decisions to be followers of Jesus and not fans.  God is so good!  Then we headed to Copperas Cove to Dave's Sports Bar and Grill for our monthly church day there.  The Lord brought in nearly 40 souls for that service as well and again the Holy Spirt touched many with seven making a decision to become followers of Jesus and no longer be fans. 

1/10/2013- (Thu)
The Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church had 20 souls meet at the Grace Bible Church for the Durocher Family Concert!  We had a great time of fellowship!  God is awesome!

1/9/2012- (Wed) The Lord brought in nearly 20 souls for HIS Bible Study!  We had an awesome first session of a six part series called Not a Fan!  Yep, it goes right along with the sermon series. 

1/7/2013- (Mon)
After being on vacation since the 21st of December, I did NOT want to go back to work!

1/6/2013- (Sun) We had a great first lesson on Not a Fan of Jesus!   The Lord brought in over 40 souls again for HIS service.  Seven people made a decision to be followers of Jesus!  God is good!  Looking forward to the Bible Study Wednesday evening!  After church we had over 20 souls attend the wreath retrieval at the Texas Veterans Cemetery.  It was a blessing again to be able to help pick up the wreaths.  Then the grand finale was getting back together for Tunin' Spokes!  Our Lord brought 30 of his children together to break bread together and to lift up a joyful noise to him.  God is so awesome.

1/5/2013- (Sat)  We all headed to Fort Worth to see the Dead Sea Scrolls.  It was an awesome exhibit!

1/4/2013- (Fri)  Sister Barbara was released from the Hospital and we met her at the house to help her inside.

1/3/2013- (Thu) We went to visit Barbara.  She was in really good spirits and ready to leave the hospital.  Too bad the doctors said she has to stay one more day.

1/2/2013- (Wed) We had a great final session on the Bible Study "What's Holding You Back?"  Everyone that attended this series and was seeking a closer relationship with Jesus have indeed become more intimate with HIM!  Amen?  Next week we start a new series on "Not a Fan"

1/1/2013- (Tue)  We had a great start of the day at Andy's with fellowship of like minded folks.  Then our first Chariots of Light meeting we had 100% of all the Chariots in attendance!  We also had a "prospect" along with our long time family members too!


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