Tax Deductible Donation Made Here

Tax Deductible Donation Made Here

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VHMI/H2HBC General Fund

If you would like to donate to the Van Horn Ministries/Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church please do so here.  There is a link at the bottom for setting up monthly donations too!

Van Horn Ministries/Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church provides assistance to the local bikers and non-bikers alike (More non-bikers actually) that are in need.    We have many out reaches that we are able to financially support thanks to your support. We have a monthly out reach at Belton Trade Days where we spread the gospel and hand out free ice water.

We also support our local troops with free ice water just before they deploy or as the return.

We have a church service at a local nursing home Two Sundays a month.

The Lord has also given us The Blessings Minstry where we have a thrift shop which is a self sustaining ministry where we provide food for over 150 familes.

We also have a Cuts 4 Christ where obedient servants mow the grass for those in need and/or can't do it for themselves.

We also support our own local motorcyle ministry out reach with these funds. We give to numerous local ministry programs or benefits throughout the year.

This is all in addition to the annual Santa's Helper Run where we deliver presents (mostly clothes) to needy families children.  Its a huge blessing to be able to do these things for God's Glory!

We are also buying the church and property and was scheduled to pay it off in 2019. Because of supporters like you we paid off the property in less than 24 months! God bless you. (Now pray for God's guidance on what is next!)

There is no one in Van Horn Ministries or at Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church, or any other ministries paid!  All the money is sown back into and for God's work and to glorify HIS Kingdom!

May God bring you a hundred fold in return! 
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