A Biker-Soldier's Journey II

A Biker-Soldier's Journey II

This is my second book, a continuation of my auto-biography in the third person format.  I think you will enjoy the easy read and it will also bring edification if you seek it from the Holy Spirit.  I have made this web page available for those of you that have shown interest for a signed copy from me, but are too far away to be present at a book signing.  I am humbled that ya'll have asked for a way to receive a signed copy from California to Florida! 

 The price for the book is only $17.00!  That includes postage and shipping!

I will write a personl note to you, sign it, and mail it personally.  Ok, my wife will probably mail it, but you get the picture.

If you want a signed copy of my book and don't live nearby, this is the way! 

Just click on the Buy Now button below and pay $17.00 for one signed book.

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