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Guest Book
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Name: Ronald R Richter
Location: Houston Texas
We have a custom built chopper with the name Highway to Heaven--which has the ten commandments , 39 crosses, 14 olive branches and nine doves ----We use it for benefits, and fund raisers --"no charge'--We have a band called "BackPorch" --been together 20+ years and provide music ( all types but Christian lyrics) blues, rock and roll, country, old time gospel, country gospel and praise and worship. I would love to email a few photos gospel --no secular do you have an email address to send yet

Name: Mark Simms
Location: Florence, Texas
Monty, thoughts and Prayers to You and your Family for a speedy recovery.

Get well soon,
Mark and Mary

Name: Jerrod Harris
Location: Reading Michigan
We are still in Michigan, thinking of you guys often. Love ya all. Miss ya

Name: Billy Murphey
Location: Bangs, TX
I am the pastor for Fishermans Chapel United Methodist Church at Thunderbird Bay, Lake Brownwood. I have been praying about holding a service for local bikers and would like to get any advice on bringing the service to fruition. I have been riding for over 40 years, a member of CMA and have many friends who ride, some who are interested in such a service. Thank you for any help.

Name: Bruce Kirk
Location: Gatesville
Looking for a church I might fit in,other churches I visited frowned on my clothing lol

Name: Jon & Cherry Beaulieu
Location: Copperas Cove, Tx
Stopped in Sunday and really enjoyed being there and will be back again.

Name: April Crider
Location: Killeen, Tx
Even when we think HE isn't listening, it is because he is putting "coincidences" in our lives to lead us to where we need to be. Just when we feel that we can't feel HIM, he sends us to a place where we are surrounded by his love, and we know we will be ok and learn to breathe again...That Place was/is Highway 2 Heaven....holding on with all my heart, Thank You.

Name: Dan "Kong" Vail
Location: Scituate, Massachusetts
It's great to see that I won't have to give up my biker lifestyle when I move to Texas later this year! I'm rolling with the Broken Chains Biker Church in Holbrook, MA now and will be looking for a new family when we relocate this coming winter. Hope to see you then and keep on rockin' for Jesus in the meantime!

Name: Jim and Tammy McCartney
Location: Sulphur, LA
The new website is AMAZING! Great job Editor!

Blessed to know Pastor Monty as my "brother from another mother, but the same Spriritual Father"! He and Miss Tammy have been one of our greatest "God Sends"..................

Praying in the Spirit for ABUNDANT favor and blessings over the H2HBC family! In Jesus name! AMEN!!

Love in Christ!

Name: MaryGrace Sellers
Location: Temple, Texas
Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt like your whole life was being turned upside down?
Have you ever played that tug of war with God, thinking you knew better than Him?
Have you ever wondered why things happen as they do?
Yeah, we did too.

My husband and I had that happen to us. It began June 2011. It seemed as if our world was crashing in, I had a stroke, my husband was in a car accident, we were unable to work. Never imagined how catastrophic some events could be in your life, but God got us through all that. Then new events, things happening beyond our control; we felt as if were being pulled from our family in Illinois and God put it on our hearts and told us to move to Texas. (We do have a daughter and 2 granddaughters in Texas and a son followed us as well, but left 5 kids and 12 grandkids in Illinois where I lived for 29 years.)

Anyway, we made the move in June 2014. The first 7 months we spent most of the time on the road between Illinois with my kids, Georgia with my parents, and Texas. We were kind of lost, floundering around, we tried several churches while we were in Texas; they were good churches but none of them really felt like home to us.

Finally, Feb 21st, 2015, Kirk and I went to Belton Trade Days; of course we had our vests on as we were on the bike, when we came across the Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church Booth. Barry was our first contact, great man with a clear love for the Lord. Next we met Deana/Dustin and Doraine/Nick, all on fire for the Lord! We ended up talking with them for a few hours while we watched them in action as they talked with and prayed with people at the event.

They invited us to attend their church the following day and we went. After church they invited us to go to The Meadows Nursing Home where they sang for and prayed with the residents. What a joy!

At this point, we continued to go and got involved in their many ministries, fellowship rides, blessing our troops, children's ministries, American Heritage Girls and Trail Life USA, (both Christian versions of scouting), and camping, all working for God's glory and raising kids up God's way.

Kirk and I made a decision, we were home and they weren't going to shake us. We brought our daughter and 2 granddaughters who love going as well.

If you are looking for a church group who are on fire for God or a church that is a no-judgement zone, whose main goal is to get God's Word out there and to help bring people to know God, this is where you want to be! Gotta warn you though, they are going to welcome you with warmth, hugs, and love from the start. We aren't just a church, we are family, Warriors for Christ!!!

Yes, we are a biker church, but you don't need a bike to enjoy the blessings and fellowship this church offers. 2 wheels, 3 wheels, 4 wheels, all are welcome! Come on out and see what God is doing in this amazing little church.

Thank you Jesus for winning that tug of war, but then again, we all know God always wins in the end!

God bless you Pastor Monty and Tammy for all you do!

Name: Paul chantaca. Col member
Location: Midlothian tx
Awesome web site love you guys for the time you give up to minister to others . I know God has a hand in this church of people be blessed with good health and with good prosperity in Jesus name Amen . P/s I'm going to surprise y'all one day

Name: Ediseye
Location: Nigeria

Name: Lindom
Location: Gatesville TX
Sending our sincere appreciation and thanks for your awesome efforts in supporting our troops and veterans. Linda Spurlin-Dominik, CEO Guardian Angels for Soldier's Pet.

Name: nycole craft
Location: texas
We love the Van Horn Ministries! They do amazing things!

Name: tim savilisky
Location: killeen texas
we met 7 members of your church at cracker barrel tonight. Because of your members my family and I had the best meal and fellowship in a long time. They are on fire for God and it was a blessing talking to them and sharing a meal. Thank you for all that you do serving the Lord.

Name: gary goodner
monty.....we have several sources of income. to some extent..I am playing catch-up....kind of like scrooge. there will be another one...about this weekend...and then week. just trying to do my part.

Name: Tramp
Location: Gatesville
Monty, I'd like to thank you and the whole crew. It was a moving experience at church today. I'm glad that I came. You will see me again. Where do you sell the shirts, car stickers, etc.??
I feel that I mat want to be part of the brotherhood there. I'll be in touch.

Name: gene emerson
Location: rock springs,wy
Kool website.hope to hook up some time have a safe blessed riding Gene

Name: Carolyn Zapata
Location: Gatesville Tx

Name: Mark Simms
Location: Florence, Texas

Name: Jesus Freaks MC
Location: Midland, Texas
Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ.
We are planning to attend the Bicker Bash and hope to connect with you while there.
God bless.
Carl Raymond (Pstr.) Jesus Freaks Mc

Name: Pastor Phil Ness
Location: Kempner
Member of the Priesthood MM Hood Chapter

Name: Rock
Location: New Braunfels
Hey Monty, I met a lady Barbara Glaze who works for the Lord, she started I can feed the hungry children and I told her to go visit with you she is looking for support to help her with her project. Amen

Name: nick chirco
Location: killeen

Name: Steve Moore (Ratdad)
Location: Cameron, Tx
Love Your web site, Some good reading. Hope to stop by one day!

Name: J
Location: United States
I am happy that I somehow found your site. I must admit it is pretty good timing. But isn't that God's way.


Thank You for all you do. God Bless!

Name: Larry (Other)mitchell
Location: Gordonville Tx
I ride with the(Warriors of the Word MM)

Name: Doug Metz
Location: Carmel, IN
Thank you for your work and support of soldiers and others who want to serve Jesus. God bless your work.

Name: Doug Jaynes
Location: Gatesvile
I need your prayer. A friend and I are no longer. Let us just say he thought that I was a well of plenty and I was running low.

Name: johnny ward
Location: granbury tex

Name: glen T
Memory call your brother.

Name: anthony fletcher
Location: sayre ok

Name: Rebecca Burke
Location: Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota
Pastor Monty - I want to thank you and everyone else for making me welcome at church! I wish my vehicle hadn't been broken down for so many weeks prior to my coming there. I would've been there much sooner. Unfortunately it will be my only visit because I must go home to Minnesota. Your church and welcoming will stay with me. The fellowship I witnessed is what I have been searching for in a church and brought tears to my eyes, of joy for finding it and sorrow that it happened at the end of my stay in Texas. Thank you, Dennis, for praying for my daughter with me. To all of you - Be well and with God
Your Sister

Name: gary hatch
Location: Oregon

Name: mem
Location: MC Gregor, Tx.
Thank you Sisters For the warm visit today . Barb & Katie .
GBY, Sister Lord

Name: mem
Location: Texas

Van Horn Ministries has changed my life in my walk with the lord.
We do serve a awesome God .
thank you for the online messages.
My continued prayers for the family......Missing you ALL.....
Sister In Christ, M. Lord

Name: mem
Location: texas
Thank Church family for the much needed prayers. The online service has made a huge in pack on my walk with the lord .
My continue are with prayers are with Van Horn Ministries.

Name: Rock
Location: Waco
ya'll are still my brothers and I will try to get down there soon. God Bless All Of You.

Name: keijo leppioja
Location: Sverige
Hello in very special time forus all in grace for now the lord will be very great in deeds aorund us and out pouring of the Holy Spirit with revival and up awaking the church from sleap in that darkness time and we will see Jesus
in soon in the sky in glory thanks and bles an pray,keijo sweden

Name: MEM
Location: G-VILLE
Thank You Church Family for your Prayers. God is moving in me like a rushing river . I know he is a awesome God. Look forward to the Pastors next Message. Prayers for the Ministry. Amen

Name: BarryC.Jordan
Location: Gatesville Tx.

Name: Vicki's Patches
Location: Mexia, TX
Love your site but most of all your ministry

Name: Eva
Location: Temple, TX
Thank you for praying for me and my family at the Scott and White Hospital Waiting room on Saturday. There was an immediate move of God for reconciliation and healing and Melba is still with us. Thank you for being there when we needed you. Love, Eva

Name: Emilia Hamilton-Saldana
Location: Killeen, Texas
Thank you for being out there. I read the Bible, but it always helps when the Lord's word is spoken and I can fellow along. Thank you again Brother.

Name: Emy
Location: Killeen, TX
Nice sermon,. Thank you.

Name: solid rock
Location: usa
hello christians, I have powerful christian testimony.

Name: Doug Jaynes
Location: gatesville
I need some info on your camera set up. Sonny would like to do the same thing for people who can not make it to church.

Name: john
Location: copperas cove tx

Name: Pastor Samson
Location: Kenya Africa
Dear Pastor and Van Hon Ministries team,
I thank you for your good teachings that you are sharing in your web-site and I have shared to the congregation here so much blessed with all you teach is Biblical based and that touched my hearts. We are welcome you to pay a visit to us in Kenya to training Men and Woman in ministry work and planting churches in Kenya.
We are seeking and request for our congregation to have affiliation to your Ministry and allow us to teach our people here what you teach out there.
Pastor Samson
"Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things which you do not know."
Jeremiah 33:3

Name: Pastor.O.Ratna Kumar
Location: India
I greet you in the most highly exalted name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I praise and thank God that He has privileged me to send this email to you. I am a pastor from India. I live in a small village in a slum area. The people here are poverty stricken and illiterates. They cannot support me. But God has been faithful to me to feed my family all the days of a month. My ministry is based on Gospel work I write tracts and booklets of Gospel messages and give them away for free of cost. Though it is expensive, it is an easy and an effective way of spreading the Gospel. I hope to reap a lot of harvest in the coming days. My intention is to spread the Gospel and save the perishing souls. In this regard I request you to sow a seed as the Lord strengthens your hands. If you are reluctant, no problem God must inspire you. Please pray on my behalf that God may bless my ministry.
Sincerely your brother in Christ,
Pastor.Ratna .O

Name: Larry Kelo

An important message to the 1586 congregations/synagogues/churches/organizations and in fact all:

After November 6, when it clear that president Obama will continue in the Office of the President for four more years, everyone should quickly humble themselves and fall on their face before Elohim of Yisra’el and ask for forgiveness. For it is written in the scriptures:
(1 TIMOTHY 2:1-4) “ 1First of all, then, I urge that petitions, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgiving be made for all men,2for sovereigns and all those who are in authority, in order that we lead a calm and peaceable life in all reverence and seriousness. 3For this is good and acceptable before Elohim our Saviour, 4who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

Also remember (EZEKIEL 18:21-23) 21“But the wrong, if he turns from all his sins which he has done, and he shall guard all My laws, and shall do right-ruling and righteousness, he shall certainly live, he shall not die. 22“All the transgressions which he has done shall not be remembered against him – in his righteousness that he has done, he shall live. 23“Have I any pleasure in the death of the wrong?” declares the Master YAHWEH. “Is it not that he should turn from his ways, and live?”

And also remember what YAHSHUA said are the two great commands :( MATTHEW 22:37-40) 37And YAHSHUA said to him, “ ‘You shall love YAHWEH your Elohim with all your heart, and with all your being, and with all your mind.’ 38“This is the first and great command. 39“And the second is like it, ‘You shall love your neighbour as yourself.’ 40“On these two commands hang all the Torah and the Prophets.”

And be sure to be busy teaching all men to do the same, for this your second chance to do the right thing.

Name: Rock
Location: Waco
Just wanted to let you all know I'm there with you in mind and heart.

Name: Mathias
Location: SMqoOTjfmhdHKJgIdD
I'm impressed. You've really riased the bar with that.

Name: keijo leppioja
Location: Sverige
Hello from the fight against my enemies who will destroy us all in salvation, but the lorda are our refuge and he take care of us in many the angels host in that time when darkness will cover all the earth,thanks and bless,keijo sweden

Name: memory
Location: Gatesville
Thank Pastor for the online Sermons.
god bless your church family

sister lord

Name: Doug Jaynes
Location: Gatesville
Love your online sermons. Also brother Sonny could use some encouragement with his new church.

Name: Mem
Location: Gatesville
Thank You For the Prayers During my time in the Hospital Tomorrow. I feel like this is my home here and everyone is very kind. My prayers go out to my sister Connie at this time. Any others that need prayers. God is Good. (No Fear) this surgery will turn out okay. The Lord is with me. GB Van Horn Ministries. I should be healed enough to make it to church Sunday. I'm hoping too. Be Blessed, Mem

Name: Bobby( DA REV)Perry
Location: Waco
Had a blessed time down there.

Name: Ginger Gayle
Location: Bolwing Green, KY
WOW..what a testimony....Was born in texas but have never been there really. thinking of traveling down there this summer and would love to visit your church. My pastor in Bowling Green loves to ride and has had his Harley on the stage many times. It's all about winning souls to christ, and you have the upper hand of God with you. You sister in Christ Ginger

Name: memory lord
Location: Gatesville, Tx
God bless you Van Horn Ministries

Thank You All for the warm welcome.
Hope To Return Again Soon. Love this site , I enjoy watching online. gby, Mem

Name: Lois and Jason Sharpe
Location: Gatesville
Visited the Highway to Heaven Church in Gatesville this morning and were welcomed with open arms! I think we have found our church! Can't wait to meet Monty.

Name: Tom Nickson
Location: Copperas Cove
Hi Monty, Thanks for posting that you saw me come through Gatesville the other day. My wife and I are going to come visit your church one of these Sundays. Take care.
Tom Nickson

Name: Michael Estep
Location: Marlin, TX
I am a member of the American Legion Riders Post 121. Also, an ordained minister waiting for God to open doors. I am currently doing pulpit supply and interim pastor work. I saw your flyer for the Biker Bash then went to your website. Hope I can visit sometime soon. Thanks for your dedication and great work.

Name: memory
Location: g-ville
thank you all for the warm welcome ... may the lord bless you all . Hope to return soon.

Name: memory
Location: Gatesville, tx
Are you still there ? I heard you moved.
gby, mem

Name: julie
Location: nolanville
i just want to say i want to bless you all, hope to see you again

Name: julie
Location: blaise
i really felt welcomed and enjoy the church, ty so much

Name: Sallie Marie Wyrick (STORY )
Location: Spring,Texas
WOW...cousin!!! I was soo thrilled to see VAN HORN MINISTRIES on here...and see the way God is Blessing and using you and your church family, to further the Kingdom of God!!! I keep you all in my prayers. So glad I'm a part of the Van Horn family..but even better.. The Family of God!!! Amen!!

Name: Fred Fouche'
Location: G'ville

Name: Matthew Speck
Location: Gatesville Tx
poem by Matthew Speck

Now in jail I've become alarmed,
With the Lord I'll not be harmed,
For my crime I'll pay the price,
And my soul I'll pay to Christ,
My eyes have been opened and now see the love,
That's casted down on us from above,
Now when in doubt my head will fall,
And to the Lord my voice will call,
With my eyes closed my head I nod,
And to myself I speak to God,
And within a group I may share,
The glory and power of Holy prayer.

Name: Roy Wright
Location: Hattiesburg,Ms

Name: ALR42 Ron
Location: Gatesville,TX
Great meeting you guys at AL582. Looking forward to seeing/ Riding with you guys in the future.

Name: Susan
Location: Cove
I Love This Church

Name: Seana Trane
Location: Stevenson Ranch, CA
Last Sunday was the second time I missed going to church since Matt and I started going and WE LOVE IT. Unfortanetly I will be missing this Sunday as well, as I am in California, but I can't wait til I get back and see you guys again! I LOVE it! Thank you so much!

Name: Jim Bedrosian
Location: Maynard MA
God Bless.

Name: isaac ochoa
Location: coeur d alene idaho
brother monty,came to see you before i left for coeur d alene, no church sunday night.i'm glad to be back home ,even just one day with your church made a difference of a lifetime for me, thank you , i have established a martial artist missionary, work with homeless vets and jail mission, vol. at a place called fresh start here in coeur d alene, so much to say, but all in good time

Name: Bryan & adrain Cisco
Location: Killeen, TX
Thank you guys for helping out my wife and I at the French Quarter Burger diner. The wife is fine
Thank you again

Name: Pastor Sarfraz
Location: Pakistan
Hello brother,greetings in Jesus name.God bless you and your church more and more.its my prayer from the bottom of my heart.Amen

Name: Doug Jaynes
Location: Gatesville
I have been listening to your preaching on line. Could you preach on not giving up and not giving into depression. Remembering the good of your past with friends and family that are no longer here.

Name: Brotherhood Of Bikers Unkle Dick
Location: Lampasas
Angie and I had a great time today, great rally, great food, great games, great fellowship, and a great message.
Hope ya'll do it even better next year.

Henry "Unkle Dick" Chaney
Brotherhood of Bikers

Name: Anne-Joe Strahm
Location: Gatesville Tx
we love going to our church, and we love the preaching of the word of god thru pastor monte

Name: wally watson
Location: harker heights
I get on here and it's hard for me to leave i really do enjoy you all as my new family. God bless all of yall .

Name: Melinda Leen
Location: Fort Hood
May 29th, 2011. You LITERALLY picked me up from where I had fallen on the street. I will never forget that moment in time. I'll see you all on Sunday. I cannot say thank you enough.

Name: Fred Fouche
Location: Gatesville

Name: Fred Fouche'
Location: gatesville
Today (5-1-11) was my first visit to H2H, and I was taken aback by the friendship and spirituality. Pastor Monty can sure keep my attention; He delivers a mighty strong message (which I really needed). I came forward to re-affirm my commitment
to Jesus. I want to come back more. I found more spirituality there than anywhere I've been! Thank you and God Bless!

Name: Velcro
Location: Cheyenne, WY
We don't have a praise & worship leader. I like yours. I'll trade for yours: one harley and a honda to be named later. Deal?

Name: Patricia Flores
Location: Gatesville, TX
Hey Tammy and Monty, Just checking you all out. lol Its looking real good! Can't wait to come and se it for myself. It warms my heart to see so many faces that I once new at twin creeks that i'd never see again. I miss your teaching Monty the most and look forward to it! Love patricia

Name: Emy Hamilton-Saldana
Location: Killeen, TX
Fantastic photos. I really liked the family picture of Brother Monty and his family. Very nice. The pictures from the ride were fabulous, Praise the Lord for the beautiful day He provided. The followship was awesome as only the Lord can provide the Christian Family he has guided us to. Thank you for accepting us as part of the Family in Christ Jesus. Amen!

Name: Victor & Diane Trujillo
Location: Kempner, Tx 76539
Stopped by to check out the new website, Impressive.. We Love it. We have become Very comfortable with you and the Church. We have always felt God is Everywhere but haven't felt the acception that we felt when we began at Highway 2 Heaven. Thank you for that. God Bless All.

Name: Pam OConnor
Location: Spencer, NY
Very nice. God bless you.

Name: Lee Ramey
Location: Gatesville
Just stopped by to check out your site and invite you to Cup Of Joy Christian Coffee House . We are open Friday and Saturday evenings 6-11 PM.

Name: travis conklin and crystal ballard
Location: ogelsby,texas.

Name: christy mathis
Location: gatesville
checking for the latest on the baby God bless you and see you Wednesday

Name: Doris
Location: Grand Saline, tx

Name: Stan Martin
Location: Kempner, TX
Enjoyed worship and fellowship with yall Sunday. God bless yall and keep the light of Jesus shinning!

Name: David Raul Pritchett
Location: Brownwood Texas
You are a blessing and I hope I can pour out good from god to you.

Name: Cherie aka Bikergirl1949
Location: Killeen
Just wanted to thank you ALL for the very Blessed day I had with you for Sunday service. I was Full of the Holy Ghost, and Love all around me.
Your Church is so Alive it can really Grab a person!
Paster Monty testimony was awsome, he has a way that makes yeah wanta come back for more!
So Many Loyal Members what a Blessing! I am ready for next Sunday to come around again!!!!Thank you again, Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church! See you on Wed. for Bible Study....Cherie

Name: christy mathis
Location: 1601 w main gatesville
I think once you get to the new church we will visit. looking forward to it..

Name: Doug Jaynes
Location: Gatesville
Nice trailer. Looking forward to coming to see your service.

Name: Emy Hamilton-Saldana
Location: Killeen, TX
Looking for a place my husband could feel free to be himself. Comfortable to worship the Lord and His teachings, without feeling he was under a microscope. H2HBC has given that awesome, togetherness feeling of belonging with those around him and with the Lord. Thank you for the Lord's guidance in directing us to Brother Monty and Sister Tammy.

Name: Katie Wolf
Location: Van,Texas
I am Barbara and Mary sister Barbara ask me to check hers church out. it looks like a neat and fun church to go to.

Name: Randall
Location: Dallas
Shalom y'all, we can help you let your light shine. We make custom Hi-Vis soft-colors for riders. Please visit our website at:

Be safe out there,

Name: Mike Stidham
Location: New Life
I'm so glad to see you doing what God has called you to do Monty. If you ever need a hand with something brother, please just give me a call 254-415-8104

Blessings to you in His name


Name: Donald Mcguire
Location: 65734 Mo.
God bless you'all in Jesus name


Name: Joe Pucciariello
Location: Gatesville
Hello Monty. Just a quick note. In case you haven't heard we finally sold our house. We are renting a house on college st. Its just temporary until we find a little bigger house. ....anyway keep in touch. We love and miss you all.

Joe and Shirley

Name: Charles Van Bibber (Johnny Reb)
Location: KIlleen
Got the link from Windward, nice to see something like this started. Best of luck to you, and i may pay you a visit.

Name: Dennis & Marcy Ng
Location: Nolanville
Hey Monty & Tammy,
You're in our prayers as God leads you into this new endeavor.
Dennis & Marcy

Name: Daena Welborn
Location: Gatesville
Great to see you guys today. Glad to hear you were touched by the Lord. I t was a grat service.

Name: Franklin & Doris Burns
Location: Tyler, TX
Was so great to meet you and your family and have you in the service with us at New Life in Gatesville. Timing is everything and we pray for the perfect timing for your ministry. We are available to ministerif we can be of help. Blessings and more blessings. (The email below is the better one)

Name: Becky
Location: Williamsport, Ind.
Monty & Tammy,
I really enjoy all your updates. Sorry I am not faithful of answering back very often. I don't even like to get on facebook. Ethan is so lucky to have you guys and someday he will let you know. I am so proud of you and your ministry, and will always keep you and your family in my prayers. Tell Aunt Ruthie hi for me. Love and miss all of you. Becky

Name: Teresa J.
Location: Attica, IN
Sure love hearing about what you are up to. Will continue to pray for Aunt Ruthie and all of you. Love the PMCS!!!!!!! Will have to pass that one on.
Love to all, Teresa

Name: Teresa James
Location: Attica, IN
Please tell Aunt Ruthie that I will be praying for her. Also I will add her name to our church prayer list. I love you guys and miss you!!!

Name: Roy Wright
Location: Hattiesburg, Ms
Hey brother what a blessing you are.What a awsome website you have.If your ever close to CP. Shelby please give me a shout.

Name: Walter Taflinger
Location: West Lebanon, Indiana 47991
Hi Monty, looks like both you and your home are blessed! Amen!

Name: Walter Taflinger
Location: West Lebanon, IN.
Keep up the good work Monty!

Name: Walter Taflinger
Location: West Lebanon, Indiana 47991
Just checking out your pics. Thanks for the readable code below. Most of these seem like they are checking my eyesight rather than security purposes. Also, most of which I fail to read correctly. HA! HA!

Name: Emilia Hamilton-Saldana
Location: Balad, Iraq
It has been a blessing to be able to get the news letter. I am sorry to have missed seeing Cheryl off to meet Jesus. I pray for all that will miss her. God Bless you Monty,your brethen and their families. Continue in the Lord's work, He needs you and we need you. God Bless America, May she always remember to include God in all that she sees, does or accomplishes.

Name: Walter Taflinger
Location: West Lebanon, IN. 47991
Please continue the good work that you are doing and may God bless all of you!

Name: Walter Allen Taflinger
Location: West Lebanon, Indiana
May God be with Briana and all of you and bless you for the great work you are doing in the Lord's name. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!!

Name: Bill Denton
Location: McGregor

Name: Steven Perez and family
Location: Ft. Riley
Your in our prayers. You have been a blessing to us. God bless you.

Name: Joe Pucciariello
Location: Gatesville
Haven't logged on in quite some time. Just wanted you to know that I do look at your web page every so often. I know you already know this but we have a new preacher and he is awsome. When you can drop by and join us for some awesome preaching. Anyway you take care and may god bless you and yours. Love ya all. Joe

Name: Charity Maxwell
Location: Carthage IN
How wonderful your ministry must be. Someday I hope to hear you preach

Location: BERTRAM TX.

Name: George Malone
Location: Ft Hood
Hope all is well

Name: rachel roberts
Location: gatesville texas
loved the site hope to see more later god bless and have a wonderfull day

Name: Carl Minor
Location: D1 Camp Shield Iraq
God is using you in many ways. You our blessed.

Name: Kenny Ray
Location: Iraq
Have a Happy Turkey Day

Name: Walter Taflinger
Location: West Lebanon, IN. 47991-8036
Great Site Monty!

Name: Brent Sanders
Location: Copperas Cove, Texas
Awsome, I love the pics, thanks for the encougement and the knowledge, passion and love you bring to Chariots

Name: Allan Walkos
Location: Harker Heights Texas
Awesome website brother

Name: George Malone
Location: Gatesville, Texas
Hello, hope you, tammy, and ethan are doing well.

Name: Teri Brooks
Location: Killeen, TX
Matt and I were checking out your site and pictures.
It really looks good.
The pictures and comments are really good and especially cute with Ethan in there.
Monty, Tammy and Ethan, you are truly blessed. Keep on following Him.
With love in Christ

Name: Leah Taflinger
Location: Minnesota
Very nice website

Name: SSG Bayles
Location: Al Aheed, IRAQ
My wife Ellen, sent me the link, this is an amazing site. A stand up idea, for a stand up man.

Name: Ken & Lanette Higgins
Location: Izoro, Tx.
This looks very good Monty, hope to see you fly over. This is a nice site to see all that you and Tammy are doing.
God Bless your ministry and your family.

Name: Roy
Location: Hattiesburg,Ms
Monty fantastic website.I lisened to your sermon on a soleless bird. Thank you so much brother.You are truly an inspiration to everone.I will continue to pray for you and your misistry.May the LORD bless you and keep you.

Name: Terri Young
Location: Lampasas,Texas
Monty, Was feeling a little down and lonely so I came to your site for calm to come to my heart and soul. As always it worked. Great site, you're doin good. Love to Tammy, you, and the family. God Bless

Name: Mark McDowell
Location: Ft Hood Texas
It's a far cry from eating cheeseburgers made by Tammy!!

Name: Joe Pucciariello
Location: Gatesville
Hi Monty,
Just a quick note to let you know that the site is looking better. My prayers are for you to continue to bring the Lord to the lost. My god bless you and yours. In Jesus name Amen.

Name: Maretta Tetrick
Location: Longview,TX
Looks good and it's great to know that there is something out there for those who would like to hear more than what they are getting on sundays. God Bless all. Marty

Name: Sean 'Phudge" Mohair
Location: Killeen, TX
Psalms-37:37 (paraphaseing)says mark the perfect man for the end of that man is peace. Pastor Mony and 1st Lady Tammy; have been mark for distinction by the Lord. And, I know that this ministry is much needed to reach those who fell as if thy can't be reached.

Only God can pull you out of the guttermost and take you to the uttermost. Pastor and 1st lady VanHorn I am so Godly honord to see the zeal ya'll have for the Lord,Amen. "Despise not small beginings" May the blessings of our Lord and Saviour continue to be upon your lives;in Jesus name, Amen.

My wife and I will be toching and agreeing in prayer for you and family and the vision that God has given you.

Name: Marcus Jones
Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Website lookin good Monty, It was good talkin to you today. Take care.

Name: Laurie Tucker-Smith
Location: Belton TX
Just checking out the site and hollerin howdy. Have a safe New Year.

Name: Walter Taflinger
Location: West Lebanon, Indiana
Hi Monty, just checking out your site.

Name: SGT Wallin
Location: Killeen, TX 76543
Thank you for all your help. God Bless You and Your Journey

Name: Tim Chapman
Location: Ft. Worth, Texas
Great web site - what a joy to see all God is doing in and through your family. Honored to know you guys.

Name: Ken&Dawn Hilligas
Location: Kempner, Texas

Name: Cynthia Dohle
Location: Otterbein, IN
Love ya big bro'! Blessings on your ministry.
In Christ's Love,

Name: Joe Pucciariello
Location: Gatesville, Texas
Terrific web sight, You are really blessed. I will continue to pray for you and yours. Keep up the work of god for all his glory. God bless you. Thanks for everything that you do.


Name: Mark Simms
Location: Florence, Texas
Wow, Great WEB Site!


Name: Fran Bradley
Location: Farmersville, TX
Just ole me up here in Farmersville....sending love, prayers and good wishes your way....

Name: Jeff Whatley
Location: Summerville SC
Just checking out what God is doing in VanHorn Ministries

Name: Cindy Rosso
Location: DeLand FL
Looks really great! The Lord is indeed blessing you and Tammy in your ministry. I will continue praying for you and yours. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday.
Love, Cuz'n Cindy

Name: Monty Van Horn
Location: Gatesville, Texas
Ok, just checking to see if my guest book works. Please feel free to leave comments here. I am really curious as to what you likes and didn't like about the site, so I can make it better.

I am really excited to see what locations people are logging in from.

God Bless