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H2HBC Outreaches
Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church has many outreaches. We reach out at The Meadows Nursing home, The Blessings Ministry, H2O Ministry, Local Veterans outreach, and our own Motorcycle Ministry.. 
H2HBC Fellowship
Here at H2HBC, we are more like family than a church. This link will show you some of our get togethers and what great fellowship we have.

Highway 2 Heaven Biker Church

Fear Paralyzes..............But.................Faith Mobilizes


We would love to have you come visit us.

We are located at  1608 West Main Street in Gatesville, Texas 76528

We meet every Sunday.  Coffee is on before 9AM. We have Bible Study at 9:30 every Sunday before church. 

Church stars at 1100 

of every month we go across town to minsiter to the residents at The Hillside Nursing home with a short devotional and almost an hour of praise and worship.

The SECOND SUNDAY of every month we have Tunin' Spokes at the church. We meet and eat at 6PM and then at 7PM we lift our voice up to the Lord in Praise!

The THIRD SUNDAY of every month we have our monthly fellowship meal after the service for about an hour of fellowship and then following that, we have our monthly church motorcycle minstry meeting.

The FORTH SUNDAY of every month we go across the street to minsiter to the residents at The Meadows Nursing home with a short devotional and almost an hour of praise and worship.

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Wednesday's at 6:30PM we have Bible Study!

Are you a Biker?

Do you like Bikers? 

Have you quit going to church?
Are you tired of Church?
Looking for a place where you would “fit in” or be “comfortable?” 
If you answered yes to any ONE of these, come give us a visit!!
Did you know, Jesus would be a biker too!
Jesus was a non-conformist, a counter-culture extremist, and a lot like you and me.  The church thought he was weird, and his family thought he might be crazy.  His friends were few. He hung out with people no one else wanted to be around like the poor and the homeless, prostitutes and thieves, the last and the least of society. He was persecuted by hypocrites, and the government was out to get him. One of his closest friends betrayed him, and when he was arrested on false charges, his other friends deserted him. His best friend even denied knowing him just to save his own skin. In the end, he let himself be executed by being crucified on a cross for our sins, but not before he prayed for his enemies. 
If Jesus was here in the flesh on earth today, he would be next to you on his motorcycle telling you that he loves you...

Enough to Die For You!